BnaiDarfur: Interview with Musa Kesso


  1. Tell me about yourself

Name: Musa Keeso, I am  from Darfur, Sudan, 29 years old, arrived in Israel in late 2011 and since then I have been involved in community based organizations called Darfur Friends  association worked there for public relations, spoke publically about Darfur and wrote and spoke on behalf of the organization to address the needs and recruit membership. Raising awareness.  Also involved in Amnesty international as a human rights activist. Involved in many campaigns .

Participates in organizaing Darfur international day, raises awareness of the genocide in darfur

For bnai Darfur: working with the media team, for the media. Addresses the needs of the drafurian asylum seekers, speaking on the behalf of many of the community, writing all the needs. Attends meetings and campaigns and organizes intiatives for Darfurian and asylum seekers. Talks to the media about the challeneges of the Darfurian community.

  1. Mind set about the organization

I see the organization as a means of addressing the problem and taking care of the Darfurian asylum seekers, focused on helping them and the refugees. Taking care of the darfirans, addressing childrens issues and working to find solutions for Darfurian asylum seekers, representing the issues publically. Belives the organization will change the situation that they as Darfurian face.

  1. What are your main priorities

Education, culture, advocacy,

  1. How do you think that this organization will work to benefit the Darfurian community in Israel

The organization does a lot of activities and intiatives, first they raise awareness around the community and bring the community together, bnai Darfur does a lot in helping community in education and he play a better role in displaying the issue of Darfur to NGOs and the Israeli government. Community benefits a lot from the existence of the organization.  Because of the advocacy, the Israeli government decided that 600 darfuris would receive temporary citizenship. Initiatives and meetings to get other darfuri organizations to be apart of Bnai Darfur. Where this organization leads many projects and plans.

  1. How do you think that the organization will work together with other Darfurian/ Sudanese organizations with the same values?

In the beginning of this year until now, the organization had a ton of meetings in which they proposed that other organizations would work under the umbrella of Bnai Darfur, become one body, In 2015, Bnai Darfur will be one single organization

  1. How will bnei Darfur reach displaced people inside the camps in Darfur and how can they work with other refugees in neighboring countries of Darfur (Chad, South Sudan)

We are still building on this idea but what we are going to do is build relations. We currently have relations in those places with community leaders. We are currently building a project to do some courses and workshops to train teachers on the camps. Adult and children education.

  1. How do you its best to present and advocate for the problems in Darfur? (theater, speeches, music) How do you personally present the current issues in Darfur to the rest of the world and the public in Israel ?

Most of the time we organize cultural (food, theater) events where we invite Israelis. Every year we organizes an international Darfur day where we discuss Darfur’s problems. Through speeches.

  1. Can you explain how your life has been improved/changed since leaving Darfur

I have gained a lot of knowledge especially with working with community issues and concerns. Learned how to integrate Darfurian issues in to the top.

  1. What kinds of goals do you think that the organization can work towards?

Have 10 more offices open.  Have membership of the entire population, wants to improve the situation of the asylum seekers as well as darfuri refugees as well and internally displaced. Continue to build peace. More focused on children’s education  and adults education for the community. There are many many more. Also to be advocacy for Darfurian issues.

  1. How has the organization contributed to your success

Contributed a lot because he has become comfortable with the community and has built many solid relationships through and because of the organization. Organization has helped to acclimate and find a better life.

  1. Did you ever have any doubts

Never thought about it, from the beginning it was a bit hard, doubtful about volunteering time as well as working in a real job.

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