Creative Computer Class for Women

Written by Gaby Coopershmidt

Bnai Darfur’s women’s education program continues gaining success in the community. Beside the basic classes in English, Hebrew and computer skills, the program offers an intermediate class – the computer creative class. The class is being taught by Igor Tsinovoi, a computer engineer the works in a start-up company in Tel Aviv. Along Igor is his translator Adam Tor, a graduate of the basic computer user class and a community member.

Igor explains his students about the computer’s hardware – Click to enlarge
Igor explains his students about the computer’s hardware – Click to enlarge


In the fifth class of this course, Igor explain his students the operation of the Hard Drive – sectors, tables, read, write and delete. Adam translates every word and term for the understanding of their students. Igor and Adam hand out papers translated from English to Arabic so the students could revise what they’ve learned at home. The papers contain explanations and diagrams on every component inside the computer and basic principles of programming.The difficulty differences are recognized immediately. The clear explanations about the functions of the keyboard and mouse replaced for full detailed operation presentations of computer components, the office programs and the internet browser are closed and the computer screen is filled with code lines of the Windows’ command prompt. It’s easy to guess that this class is not for anybody.

The high difficulty and complexity of the subjects being taught requires Igor and Adam to use visual tools to ease the understanding of their students – in the basic computer class they have learned how to press a button and watch the action happening immediately in front of the eyes on the screen, now, in the intermediate class they need to comprehend the technology behind the action. In today’s class, the students realized that the file that they’ve copied and pasted changed his place on the hard drive and moved from one sector to another.

Igor and Adam lecturing in front of the class – Click to Enlarge
Igor and Adam lecturing in front of the class – Click to Enlarge


In a short conversation with Igor he explains that he wrote the course’s syllabus with hope to develop a creative thinking in his students. If in Tamar Sharf’s basic class they learn how to operate basic command on the personal computer, in his class he wants them to develop an individual thinking in their actions with the computer and try to plan themselves the possibilities of developing a product with the tools the computer offers.

Igor knows the in the short term, the subjects the are being taught in the class are complex and sometimes not immediately understandable by the students, but his hopes are that in the long run, the technical thinking will be implemented in his students and they will enjoy it when they’ll start using creative computerized tools in their workplaces

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