Hebrew Class for Women

The women education program’s Hebrew class reached its final stretch after half a year of studying. The students arrive the last time to class with bottles, refreshments and a bouquet for their teacher – Tiferet, but a moment before the celebrations they repeat the materiel they’ve studied this year. The students that began the class on different levels of knowing Hebrew, between absolute misunderstandings of the language to a defective and full of error speech – stand today on a more or less similar level. They know the ABC that was given the most attention in class and also able to read on basic level.

Tiferet devotes the final lesson to a full repeat of the whole material that was taught in class. First, the students practice the ABC. They write all of the Hebrew letters, upper and lower case and then read them out loud, one student after the other. Tiferet pass between the students and verify they write them right. Tiferet also challenge her students and try to confuse them with letters that sound familiar, but to her delight, they don’t fall into the trap.

The class continues to practice vocabulary. Tiferet began to write the basics of the class’ syllabus and added more material according to the requests and needs of her students – and according to their rate of learning. The students asked Tiferet to learn vocabulary of basic actions involving daily lifestyle in Israel – riding in public transportation, visiting the clinic, handling authority and employer documents and etc. Tiferet planned whole lessons for the understanding the vocabulary of those subjects and now in the last lesson she performs a repeat of those subject and also on opposites, prepositions, days of the week, tastes in the mouth, body parts and of course, local slang.

Tiferet concludes the class with a farewell and asks the students to repeat the material they’ve written in their notebooks in their free time, to read in Hebrew as much they can during the summer and try to write the letters so they won’t be forgotten. Tiferet knows that the summer is the hardest time that her students work in their different jobs – hotels, restaurants, cleaning and elder care. She hopes that with what they’ve learned in this class they’ve could communicate more easily in their workplaces and also on their free time.

Tiferet hopes to continue this class also in next year. Today, the Hebrew class is only in its current basic level – unlike the English class that has 3 different levels. Tiferet believes that to maintain continuity, new groups of higher Hebrew levels are needed. This wish comes also from the students that already in the current class were interested in much difficult subjects like proper pronunciation of full sentences.

The students having their graduation party and say goodbye to Tiferet. They look satisfied with their progress in the understanding of Hebrew. The classroom in the Borgo community center on Shivat Zion street looks festive than ever and the students say goodbye to Tiferet with one request for her superiors – if possible, please install an air conditioner in the classroom – so they could continue studying in the summertime.

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