Internship program at Bnai Darfur Organization

Bnai Darfur is a community organization, offer an internship program for the student who are interested on human right, the refugees right, the different between migrant worker and refugees dilemma in 21th century;


  1. We are looking for students who are qualified to form or draft a refugee’s law , focuses on who is entitle to be a refuges?
  2. Government students
  3. Law students; human rights law VS Israel domestic law
  4. BA and MA student; language: English; Hebrew and Arabic; because most of the community speak Arabic and Hebrew
  5. Interest in understanding African politics;
  6. Interest on working with women and kids; on integration issue.

They are program for communication student: filming, writing short story for refugees.

Bnai Darfur preferred , that any intern stay more than two month, you have a chance to choose your committed period.

However; any interested should apply through

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