Who we are

Founded in 2007, by refugees from the Darfur region, Bnai Darfur has been working on improving the living conditions of Darfurian refugees in Israel through provision of social, health, educational and cultural programming and services. Bnai Darfur is a non-profit humanitarian organization.



Bnai Darfur was founded by a core group of some of the first Darfurian refugees to enter Israel. While still detained by the authorities in Israeli prisons, these activists decided to create a self-help and self-advocacy association with the belief that they could best understand and address the needs of their own community.  During their prolonged detention, community members began to teach each other English to prepare for their release and increase their success in finding employment.  Upon release from prison. Sons of Darfur formally established itself.


The ongoing Genocide in Darfur started in 2002 and continues until today. The government of Sudan and its Janjaweed militias, known as Devils on Horseback, has been attacking villages, bombing and burning them down, murdering innocent African indigenous lives, raping women and girls, and looting property.

The Sudanese government and its militias systematically murdered 800,000 African ethnic people, internally displaced about 4 million people into the comps in Darfur, and forced more than 1.5 million refugees to leave the country and seek safety somewhere else. There are currently around 3,100 Darfuris in Israel.


Sudanese president Omar Al-Basher is wanted for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. Al Bashir continues bombing and killing civilians. This year alone, 40,000 people fled their homes. Al Bashir prevented an investigation into the mass rape of 200 women and girls in Tabet village in north Darfur and called for a removal of all UN peace keepers in Darfur. These actions are in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.



Refugees from Darfur and survivors of a long-standing war crime and genocide in Darfur/Sudan have been fleeing to big cities and neighbouring countries, such as Chad and Egypt, seeking safety. In Egypt, the situation of Sudanese refugees is dire; they lack basic rights, are on the verge of starvation, and suffer from frequent harassment by the authorities. Consequently, Darfurians have fled to Israel as the only Western-orientated democratic country to be reached by land.



It is the goal of Bnai Darfur to integrate refugees in the Israeli society and to empower them by supporting their skills.


·         To ensure that the basic needs of every refugee are met including housing, employment, medical care and education.

·         To ensure that refugees are educated about their rights and have access to those who can help realize them.

·         To advance and empower women and youth, by encouraging education and increasing accessibility to educational and employment opportunities.

·         To build a strong sense of community among refugees and a network for mutual aid.

·         To reunite refugees with lost and displaced relatives.


Furthermore we want to sensitise the Israeli society for the necessities of refugees, and create knowledge about campaigning against upcoming racism and detention of refugees.


·         To raise the level of awareness of the genocide in Darfur and the plight of refugees living in Israel, within Israel and international community.

Networking with human rights organizations in Israel

In the last years, Bnai Darfur achieved the following:

·         Established and managed a shelter that has housed over 2,000 new arrivals to Israel.

·         Established a community centre in South Tel Aviv.

·         Created a Women’s Empowerment Program, which provides refugee women with language education and self-development workshops.

·         Created a solid management structure and feedback mechanism that is inclusive of all of the tribes within the community.

·         Campaigning for refugees rights.


Attempts are being made to help the community establish itself in Israel; the motto is: we help ourselves in order to make it easier for others to help us.

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