In order to ensure long-term self-sufficiency, opportunities for education must be promoted. Families need assistance enrolling their children in school and in providing their children with academic support. Furthermore, it is of crucial importance that community members access vocational training (and re-training) and those who have begun academic degrees are able to continue and complete their studies.

Language and Education

To assist all children and their families in Tel Aviv in registering for school:

B’nai Darfur has recruited a volunteer lawyer to help families fill out the necessary paperwork for school registration and to apply for reductions in school fees because families cannot afford them. From September-November, the group helped to register 50 such children and will continue this activity in 2008, as needed. Volunteers will also assist families in finding after-school solutions for their children.

To help refugees complete higher education:

Through a survey of all refugees in Israel, B’nai Darfur will locate students who did not manage to finish their university studies. They will compile this list and send it to Tel Aviv University for evaluation regarding financial aid and eligibility for higher education. B’nai Darfur is working with the head of Tel Aviv University’s student union, university faculty and government decision-makers to further this agenda.

To help relevant refugees complete their high school studies and obtain a high school diploma:

B’nai Darfur is working with minors and others who were forced to flee Sudan prior to completing their high school education. The group will map all relevant people and submit a formal request to the Tel Aviv municipality regarding this issue.

To provide Hebrew and English language courses to Tel Aviv and Eilat -based refugees

Tel-Aviv: To date, the group is running both Hebrew and English lessons, twice a week, in Tel Aviv. English lessons take place in Shapira cultural center and at the offices of the Hotline for Migrant Workers on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hebrew lessons take place at Shapira on Sundays and Wednesdays. About 25 people attend each lesson on a drop-in basis. Sons of Darfur will also continue to recruit volunteer teachers, including students, to enable them to expand this project. Other volunteers will be recruited to provide individual tutoring for youth and adults who are not able to attend organized classes.

Eilat: Two teachers, one in Hebrew and one in English, teach their language twice a day (morning and evening) each. They work out of a B’nai Darfur branch office. About 30 people come to each lesson.

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