stiftung_do_logo The Stiftung :do is provided fund for refugees women in Israel,e Stiftung :do (“:do Foundation”) aims to support the rights of refugees and immigrants through its project funding activities. We are politically independent, and our work crosses national boundaries
the_schoolhouse School House cooperate with Bnai Darfur on providing spacial education to refugees and Asylum seeker living in Israel; focusing empowering women.
CGA After a peace agreement was signed between North Sudan and South Sudan at the beginning of this century, the residents of Darfur in Western Sudan began to demand their “share of the pie” in Sudan. The government responded harshly- systematic extermination of the population of Darfur, specifically the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massalit tribes.Background:Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Its territory is about a quarter of the size of the United States, and approximately 40 million people live there. Sudan’s population is made up of 140 different ethnic groups, 36% of them Arab. 114 languages are spoken in Sudan, but Arabic is the official language of the north, and English that of the south. About 70% of the population is Muslim, 20% Christian, and 10% Animist.The war of the north against the south:Sudan became independent from Britain in 1956. Almost from the moment of independence there was conflict between the mostly African-Christian south and the Arab-Muslim north, which in 1962 developed into a civil war.
Sudan has never been completely united. Even under the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the 18th century, the society was based on slavery and northern domination of the south. During the period of British rule, the situation changed somewhat, but the economic and political domination of the north over the south remained intact
israel-at-heart Israel At Heart is providing community center for Bnai Darfur .African refugee scholarship program at the IDCIn 2011 , we provided 12 outstanding students a scholarship to attend the Interdisciplinary Center College in Herzylia. The students come from Eritrea, the Darfur region of Sudan, and Somalia .The students awarded the scholarships study government, psychology and communication. By providing them with a scholarship, we hope to help provide these students with a bright future for themselves and their communitiesIn addition we supported several social projects involving the African refugee community in Israel. These projects included sponsoring a community center that facilitated a community atmosphere that responded to community needs. The community center serves as a focal point for activities reaching women, children and others in the community. The center offers English courses, after-school programming for children, hosts a women’s empowerment course, serves as the site for community events and meetings and is the organization’s office.
the-good-people The Good People Fund, inspired by the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), responds to significant problems such as poverty, disability, trauma and social isolation, primarily in the United State and Israel.The Good people Fund provided financial support; especially food for Darfurian and other African refugees’ families in Israel, distributed by Bnai Darfur Organization in Israel. GPF primary goal is to provide enough food for refugees with social isolation and unemployed families.
The Hotline for Migrant Workers: We are cooperating regarding on-going consultation, establishing ourselves as an NGO, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and locating employment opportunities. They further coordinate our activities with refugees in detention and advocate for refugee rights in Israel. Releasing people from detention by applying legal means.
logo-300x46-300x46 The Refugee Rights Clinic at Tel Aviv University: Headed by Attorney Anat Ben Dor, the clinic provides legal consultation, para-legal representation and files precedent-setting cases.
Header_02-300x107 Kav LaOved: They assist us in issues related to employment rights.
Logo_E Physicians for Human Rights: We consult with them regarding healthcare issues and refer clients to them.
African Research Development Centre (ARDC): We are in regular contact with the ARDC and have appointed a member of our organization to their governing committee. We conduct joint efforts, primarily to help obtain shelter and food for other refugee communities located in Tel Aviv.
ASSAF Assaf: Assaf provides psycho-social aid to refugees. We consult with them on a regular basis regarding specific issues, provide them with information, and engage in joint efforts on behalf of individual refugees.
 150px-Mesila_logo Mesila: Mesila helps us to register our children for school.
ARDC The African REFUGEES Development Center
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